Just Keep Going Motivation

In my years of personal training, I have seen clients lose motivation and give up. Why? Because they didn’t “see” results as they thought they would. I put “see” in parentheses, because there are so many healthy changes that happen when we workout that we don’t necessarily “see” with our eyes. Our senses can be our own worst enemy when it comes to working hard toward fitness goals.

Sense of Sight - We don’t see changes on the scale, the way clothes fit, etc. We see other people succeeding (such as on Instagram), why aren’t I? We see temptations or things we want that can hinder our progress toward our goals, such as food or drinks.

Sense of Hearing - We hear others remarks about the way we look, if discouraging then we are discouraged such as “Aren’t you working out?” which we can take as that they don’t see that we are changing, disheartening. Hear about other’s succeeding more.

Sense of Taste - We want to eat or drink something that isn’t the healthiest for us and then regret it soon after - that can be a vicious cycle.

Sense of Touch - For this category, I will put sore muscles, which often can hurt, cause discomfort and hinder our daily functions, which can be discouraging. When working out, sometimes we don’t want to take ourselves to the point of some muscular pain or cardiovascular discomfort because it uncomfortable and hurts but some good pain is what will change us.

Sense of Smell - This can get us into trouble especially when it comes to food, the wonderful smell of cookies or our favorite unhealthy food, that tempts us to eat and possibly overindulge in those treats. It’s all about moderation and sometimes that doesn’t happen when it smells so good.

Knowing that our senses can be our worst enemy is key - for each of us we will have a sense that is more dominant. Figure out which one that is and set goals for yourself in how to conquer that one and weaknesses associated with it. Takes a strong will, mind and focused effort to do that. Know that it can be done and you will go far.

Shoshanna CairnsComment